Published Stories


My Featured Story -  The Final Judgement

Publisher : Notionpress
Genre : Crime Thriller
Release Date : 15th January, 2014

A curated anthology comprising top 15 crime-short thrillers of NotionPress Social Short Story Competition, 2014.

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My Featured Story -  The Newspaper Reader

Genre : General Fiction
Publisher : Gargi Publishers
Released Date : 6th July, 2014

Crumpled Voices – Shades of Suffering is an anthology based on social issues. A common thread of the prevailing societal evils and injustice binds them together. We have tried to weave stories ranging from rape to acid attack and domestic violence to honor killing in this anthology.

All of us have witnessed such incidents in our day to day life, our near and dear ones might have experienced them closely too. We have almost grown up among them, felt them following us. We constantly live in fear of the unknown, fear of being the victim to any of the criminal activities multiplying around us. These days when no place is safe, including the web, our voices need to be heard.

Protest must begin from somewhere, and we have used our pen which is mightier than the sword to express our anguish. An echo of many unimaginable atrocities lurks within us, engulfing us in its shadow. Through each of the story in this book, we have tried to highlight one such aspect of horrifying crimes.

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My Featured Story - A Man Of Words

Genre : Romance
Publisher : Gargi Publishers
Released Date : 1st October, 2014

“And when it rains, I think of us,” she said.

There’s magic in the pitter patter of raindrops. Doesn’t it feel heavenly when the soothing water touches your skin? Doesn’t it feel even more amazing when you witness the rainbow sitting in the lap of your beloved?

For some, rain brings back memories. For some, it’s the storm that rips their life apart. For some, there’s ecstasy in getting drenched in the arms of their partner. For some, there’s joy in just watching the drizzles by the window side as they enjoy a cuppa coffee with their better half.

Let some love pour this season. Let’s soak in the drizzle of love with Drenched Souls, an anthology carrying the element of rain in its stories. With the blessings of the Rain God, we bring to you tales of love, pain, recollections, thrill, bliss, sorrow and charm by some amazing writers in town. Get drenched in the saga of love this monsoon.
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My Featured Story - Twisted Fate

Genre : Thriller
Publisher : Half Baked Beans
Released Date : 6th July, 2014

An inspector in hot pursuit of a murderer, a set of pearls that spell doom and a couple using a new sex toy at inappropriate times leading to comic results make an appearance. So do a renowned jewel thief, a haunted house with a brutal past and a lift operator with the ‘hots’ for a female janitor. Giving them company is a lady who loves her Tea more than her husband, a woman defending herself from a psychopathic killer and a honeymooning couple visiting the haunted forts of Jaisalmer.

Read on to know about a dangerous game of life & death involving riddles, a mysterious ghost haunting railway passengers, an escaped convict on the trail of his lost girlfriend and a bespectacled boy who loves ogling at curvy female bodies.

A priest from foreign shores will try to exorcise the evil wandering in the jungle, a young computer whiz will unearth the mystery surrounding the education minister’s assassination and Bheeshma Pitamah will recount the Mahabharata to a news reporter in a never before heard hilarious manner.
The stories in this anthology will intrigue you immensely, send a shiver down your spine and tickle your funny bone as well. Carefully selected and immaculately written, this edition of MYRIAD TALES includes an eclectic mix of award winning stories from established and debutant authors alike.
Get set for an adrenaline pumping ride!

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My Featured Story - Call of Hope

Genre : General Fiction
Publisher : Propel Steps Publication

A legion of 100 authors brings you 100 inspirational stories.

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My Featured Story - The Dream Caster

Genre : Horror
Publisher : Author's Ink India

Welcome to an eerie land where ghosts, ghouls and spirits rule. Welcome to a place where haunted houses and evil souls will make a shiver run down in your spine. A spooky tale in the scenic hills of Mussorie  awaits you while uncanny happenings in a literary competition are sure to have you intrigued.  The case of mysterious white Maruti has everyone befuddled even as an unsuspecting jogger experienced something that he had never bargained for. A group of friend encounter the worst terror of their lives while a young man is racked by nightmares of his own death! 

Author's Ink India and The Book Bakers present an eccentric mox of true stories, legends and fables that have often been a part of India's folklore. Armed with some of the best authors in Indian paranormal literature history, Case Files Of The Dead; India's first pure Horror public anthology is sure to turn every Host into a (G)Host!!!  

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My Featured Story - A Way Ahead

Genre : Inspirational
Publisher : Author's Ink India
Release Date : 27th  Jan, 2015

Life represents a roller coaster ride, it is thrilling and full of ups and downs. Life does not remain the same forever, and everyday is a new story. But some changes are the ramifications of certain events that change the life for good. These may either build you or destroy you. This book has exciting and thrilling anecdotes of varied turning points of life and how they changed the lives for good. It has all the hues of life covered in its stories. 

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My Featured Story - Lake Of Memories

Genre : Inspirational
Publisher : Write India
Release Date : 10th Jan, 2015

Those who say failure is a good thing, lie; those who say there is a lesson in a heartbreak, will have all different say when they're in your shoes. There's apparently  nothing more painful than seeing your bliss turn into misery. You start losing faith in yourself, you lose the trust of the people you love and eventually, lose them. You end up losing hope of overcoming your misery; but you do, because you can. Failure is good only when you overcome it, heartbreak is a lesson only if it can make you a stronger.

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My Featured Story - A Letter From The Past

Genre : Romance
Publisher : Author's Ink India

Experience lost relationships in their most cherished memories. Even when nothing good lasts forever, some stories never cease to be. ‘Memoirs of Love’ is one such collection of tales from the heart for the heart. Exploring a range of emotions, each story enters the world of a unique character. Moving as well as buoyant, this treasure trove of lost love is an indispensable book.'

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My Featured Story - Half Ticket

Genre : General Fiction
Publisher : Author's Pride Publisher

Authors Pride Story Box is an in-house production and is an anthology of short stories, memoirs, diary entries and plays. It has been written by some professional and amateur writers, while others are not even writers, they authors, hence, are so much like us and ordinary. For the first time, Authors Pride Publisher Pvt. Ltd. has brought such a collection where not much of editing is done and language of non-writers is the same as submitted to reflect their true self. If it has relaxed memoirs, then it also has heavy emotions on the other hand.

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